One On One Consulting

Dr. Frances Malone ARNP, PhD is also available for one on one consulting. In this container you have the opportunity to work with Frances privately to receive the best support for your family. Frances believes that every family is unique and needs are different; which requires an individualized approach. With one on one consulting Dr. Frances Malone ARNP, PhD is able to provide custom support and healthcare to your family.

Dr. Frances Malone ARNP, PhD is here to support you through the parenting journey while giving you the confidence that your families healthcare needs are being taken care of by an expert.

With one on one consultation Dr. Malone is able to work with you and your family’s specific situation to create individual solutions. Prior to your appointment you will fill out a questionnaire that gives information about many areas of your life and family functioning. This way she can get a sense of what your current habits, boundaries, and family decisions are.

It is her experience that parents feel most comfortable starting with the least invasive, effective approach/ treatment first and for this reason she starts there; whether it is an issue of mind, body, spirit or interaction.

One on one consultations with Frances can provide insight and support for families regarding attentional difficulties, issues of behavior or family dynamics, nutrition/deficiencies, anti- viral practices and so much more. She is also able to work on your individual family needs for any of the Intuitive Parent Topics in a way the group course is just not set up to do.

If one on one consulting is the next step for your family please fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you shortly.

What does working one on one with Frances look like?

Through Dr. Frances Malone's monthly one on one consulting package you will meet with Dr. Malone, via phone or Zoom, for one hour long deep dive monthly + weekly 15 minute check ins. Before each meeting you will fill out a questionarie to highlight anything you would like to go over with Frances and to keep track of your progress.

Why choose Frances?

Dr. Frances Malone is a pioneer in the field of integrative pediatric medicine and holistic support + education for parents.

With over 3 decades of experience researching, conducting studies, and clinical care, Dr. Frances Malone has the knowledge to help you in your families individual case. Dr. Frances Malone has a Master’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Pensylvania and a Post Doctoral in Biobehavioral Nursing from the University of Washington.

Dr. Frances Malone has been serving her community through holistic care through her pediatric clinic, Malone Pediatrics and her research and study in an effort to seek deeper understanding to the human body and child developement.

How does Dr. Malone's monthly consulting differ from my primary care physician?

Many primary care providers simply do not have the time to discuss with parents all of the questions vital to supporting the social and emotional needs of both the child and the parent. The close nature of one on one consulting allows you to truly develop a relationship with your care provider and trust that you are recieving guidance based upon your families specific needs.

Dr. Frances Malone ARNP, PhD has a profound respect for children and their families and is frequently able to shift a problem or issue with the least invasive interventions. Her accessibility and creation of a supportive container for each family unit helps allow parents to be the best that they can be.

What can Dr. Frances Malone help me, my child, and my family with?

Dr. Frances Malone is passionate about helping families consciously raise naturally healthy kids, from a holistic standpoint. She wants to give parents and caretakers the tools to first nourish and take care of themselves so that they can then nourish and take care of their families. Some of the topics that she is passionate about teaching are below:

*Respecting and cherishing our children*

*A hard NO versus an opportunity for dialogue*

*Importance of nutrition in all of our lives/ whole food focus/ shopping ideas*

*Nutrition for behavior management*

*Outdoor time and why it is essential/ go play in the dirt*

*Parental self-care as medicine for children*

*Finding your parenting zen*

*Grounding yourself to support your family*

In addition, Dr. Frances Malone has the education, experience, and certifications to provide medical consultation to your family. While it is always her goal to look for holistic solutions first- Dr. Frances Malone is able to bring in tradditional western medicine when necessary. Dr. Frances Malone has experience with both medically fragile and naturally developing children. Some things that she can assist with may be included below.


*Behaviour and Mood Concerns*

*Energetic disturbances*

*Nutrition for behavior management*


*Sensory Integration*

*School Issues*

*Touch/Holding Discomfort*

*And Much Much More!*

If you have any questions about how Dr. Frances Malone can support your family, fill out the form and someone will contact you!

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The Intuitive Parents Podcast with Dr. Frances Malone ARNP, PhD. Holistic support for conscious families and naturally healthy kids.

The Intuitive Parents Podcast is a place for parents to go who are seeking holistic support on their journey of consciously raising naturally healthy kids. Hosted by Dr. Frances Malone ARNP, PhD founder of The Intuitive Parents Collective, Malone Pediatrics, DogFish Moon Sanctuary, and Chartreuse Skincare.

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